Insurance Definitions
The full name of your business.
The name of the person completing this request.
The type or description of your business (Crafts, Photographer, Cosmetic Sales, etc…). If your business type is not listed, please select "Other".
The dollar value of your inventory, stock, equipment, fixtures and property belonging to your customers that is in your care.

The amount of money available to be paid to others including medical bills for loss resulting from your negligence.

  • Each Occurrence – The maximum amount we will pay for any one event that results in a covered liability claim.
  • General Aggregate – The maximum amount we will pay for all events during the policy period that result in covered liability claims.
The amount of money you generate from your business in a year.
The income you may lose while you are unable to occupy your home and run your business from your home. If covered, the extra expense coverage reimburses you to rent for a temporary office space until you are able to run your business again from your home.
Covers you for loss resulting from the sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown of your business equipment. For example, this coverage will replace your computer if it is damaged by a power surge.
Coverage for claims by your customers for loss resulting from your mistakes in providing business services.
Fraud and Privacy Policy
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